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RoofVac is a roof space and attic cleaning company based in Cape Town, Western Cape that specialises in removing dust and dirt from within your roof space.

Having a clean roof space or attic is essential for you and your family's health. When it comes to roof spaces and cavities, the phrase "out of sight, out of mind" is very applicable to most home owners. Roof spaces are often over looked and never thought of when considering a clean and hygienic environment. However what many people don't realise is how much dust and debris can accumulate within your roof over years of neglect. Many roof spaces contain rat droppings, bat droppings, bird nests, sand and debris from building or renovations and can be very detrimental to one's health and safety. High winds in Cape Town also cause beach sand to settle in your roof space, which makes it very heavy and could cause structural damage if left to accumulate.

Removing old insulationmore_vert

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Removing old insulation

Attic insulation damaged by an infestation of rodents or by water from a leaky roof requires removal to prevent further contamination in the home.

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Sanitizing your roof space

many homes can still become moist breeding grounds for molds and mildew, which can cause a host of responses ranging from allergies, infections, and asthma, to chronic respiratory illness.

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Removing debris

Debris on a roof can cause some pretty significant problems to your roofing system if not removed promptly.

If left untouched, bacteria and fine dust can affect you and your family in your home or office by slowly seeping down through unsealed cracks and crevices, ceiling fans, light fittings, air vents and ducted air conditioning. Rodents can carry numerous viruses such as Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, Murine Typhus and many more, which will slowly break down and work their way down into your home. Dusty roof spaces make keeping your home clean and dust free very difficult.

Roof spaces can also contain old and ineffective insulation which aids in holding rat droppings, dust, rat carcases, cockroaches that feed on the rodent carcases, bird nests, bird lice and many other unhygienic substances. Insulation which is old and ineffective can also increase electricity bills due to becoming more reliant on artificial heating and cooling, which is why RoofVac also offers the removal of old insulation and installation of new insulation to keep your living area at a comfortable temperature, while saving energy.

Here at RoofVac, we ensure that your roof space is spotless and sanitized from one end to the other. For more info on all the services we offer, please view our services page.

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